Warning: the lucky recipient of this gift may not care to share once they get their hands on our Care to Share Gift Basket!

This collection of delectable and shareable gourmet goodies are sure to wow even the most discerning foodie. Designed for a wide palette of tastes and flavours, this basket is overflowing with only the finest cookies, crackers, chocolates, and candies!

  • Dolcetti biscotti (100g)
  • Laura Secord fudge (100g)
  • Imperial Nuts mixed nuts (78g)
  • Natural Nectar truffle chips (141g)
  • Cookie It Up! Handmade cookies (140g)
  • Cookie it Up! Individually wrapped shortbread cookies (5x15g)
  • Sorini jelly candies (160g)
  • Vergani cream filled chocolates (120g)
  • Chocolat Classique chocolate truffles (200g)
  • Chocolat Classique mini chocolate truffles (17g)
  • Qustom Confections jujubes (150g)
  • Qustom Confections scotch mints (150g)
  • Qustom Confections chocolate bar (100g)
  • Qustom Confections assorted Candies (325g)
  • Aunt Gloria biscotti (40g)
  • Dolcetto wafer rolls (125g)
  • Aunt Gloria sugar cookies (120)
  • Aunt Gloria srackers (127g)
  • Maître Truffout chocolate pralines (180g)
  • Truffettes de France chocolate truffles (16g)
  • Handfuel toasted nuts (40g)
  • Caramel Popcorn (100g)
  • Prana chocolate Bark (100g)
  • Patience & Co dried fruit (113g)
      $215.95 CAD
      Sku: 1700