Classic Gourmet Gift Basket

Item# 5919

They know the year of every vinegar they ever bought and the grove their olives come fromÉfor some, ÔgourmetÕ isnÕt one way Ð itÕs the only way! For the pickiest foodie in your life, the Classic Gourmet gift basket was designed to make your life easier. Every item is certifiably gourmet, and utterly exquisite.

  • Dark chocolate toffee crunch
  • ÊLindt lindor assorted chocolates
  • ÊAbruzzo olives
  • ÊDorian's handmade crackers
  • ÊBrockmann's truffles
  • ÊShortbread cookies
  • ÊKelp caviar
  • ÊBiscotti
  • ÊExtra dark chocolate bark with buttercrunch toffee and sea salt
  • ÊRoasted chickpeas
  • ÊAssorted Belgian chocolate pralines
  • ÊBelgian chocolate covered biscuits
  • ÊBlack truffle potato chips
  • ÊTuscan herb crunchy cheese snack
  • ÊVegetable antipasto
  • ÊDuck p‰tŽ
  • ÊOlive tapenade
  • ÊRoasted cashews
  • ÊMary's organic crackers

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