Double the fun, double the joy! For the adoring new parents who are seeing double, this exciting and fun basket is the perfect fit!

Our designers put a lot of thought into designing a basket that was the perfect fit for a set of newborn twins- that way nobody feels left out!

This gift includes a mix of comfort wear and fun accessories that will create lasting memories for the newborn twins as they grow and develop together. Basket includes 2 of everything: adorable teddy twins for playtime; swaddling blankets; bath mitts and bath squirters for bath time; and of course, no baby basket will be complete without adorable onesies! Double the love and joy today!

  • 2 Plush teddies
  • 2 swaddling blankets
  • 2 onesies (size varies from 3-6, 6-9 months)
  • 2 Bath mitts
  • 2 Bath squirters
    $109.95 CAD
    Sku: 1462