It is so important to get a boy's creative juices flowing from a young age. In fact, the early stages are the formative years for brain development. Help mom and dad set the stage for his brain development with this exciting and thoughtful gift!

Your beloved parents will be able to keep their little boy engaged and busy for hours with our Wagon Full of Fun Boys Toy Gift Basket. This adorable toy wagon comes packed to the brim with creative ways to stimulate a little boy in his early phases of development. Drawing pads, activity books, crayons, and markers will let him explore his creative side. Parents will be so impressed by your unique attention to detail and their little boy will be delighted and busy for hours- basically everyone will thank you. 

  • Crayon set
  • Drawing pad
  • Activity book
  • Activity book
  • Marker set
  • Jelly Belly machine
  • Jelly Bellies (92g)
  • Toy wagon
    $159.95 CAD
    Sku: 1850