For the junk foodie in every one of us, comes the "Kosher Junk Food Gift Basket". An assortment of decadent and dreamy delicacies sure to satisfy any craving, no matter the time of day (yes, midnight snacking is encouraged with this one!).

From beloved Mike and Ikes, sour sticks and licorice for the sugar maniac, to chips for the more salty connoisseur, we have got you covered. We've also thrown in some delicious chocolates to spice things up and bring some variety into this junk food fantasy. Any way you slice it, this basket will delight the senses and have your kids, friends, colleagues, and loved ones literally jumping off the walls!

All contents are strictly Kosher.

  • Gesher blue raspberry sour sticks (20g)
  • Gesher strawberry sour sticks (20g)
  • Absolutely stacked chips (40g)
  • Hardbite kettle-cooked chips (128g)
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans (0.5lbs)
  • NaturSource nuts (135g)
  • Carmit chocolate bar (100g)
  • Leiber's wafer rolls (75g)
  • Carmit chocolate bar (85g)
  • Mike & Ike (141g)
  • Twizzlers licorice (250g)
      $89.95 CAD
      Sku: 2120